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Happy new year friends. Welcome to 2015. I wish you a fabulous year filled with great achievements and experiences; a meaningful chapter of your lives waiting to be written

2015 is a brand new year and an election year in our dear beloved country NEW YRNigeria, consisting of 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of laughter, 8760 hours of favour, 525600 minutes joy and 31536000 seconds of success.

Last year was a good one with its own achievements and successes but this year will be better, bigger and brighter than 2014 with a great deal of work from us.

It is important that we improve on the achievements and successes of last year, complete unfinished projects and start up new ones. One way to do these is by strategic personal capacity building with the singular goal of effective and efficient productivity as we continually aim to be better individuals at work, at home and at play.

Killer smile  While thanking you most sincerely for your co-operation in the last year, I have created this blog in response to your mails and calls regarding training;


The essence of the blog apart from serving as a source of information regarding training and development updates, is for us to decide and agree on the duration, venue and suitable dates most convenient for the majority of us .

I am proposing a 3-day boot-camp that will commence on Friday, 27th February to end Sunday, 1st March, 2015. With regards to venue, I propose that we use a central location which will be agreed upon on this platform.

The training cost will cover the following: bags, lecture notes, accessory, feeding and lodgings and this will be communicated to us after we have agreed on the duration, dates and venue of the training.

Thank you and once again I wish you a prosperous 2015.

Prince Usen
Ransom Consults Ltd.
Blk 12, Flt 5, LSDPC Estate,Surulere, Lagos. Nigeria.
+234-805-794-5001, +234-817-741-3532


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    WELCOME TO 2015 | PRINCE USEN said:
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