Angry youths stone minister, others at Jonathan’s rally in Bauchi

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Yesterday, Thursday 22nd January, 2015 at the Ibrahim Babangida Square, Venue of the Peoples Democratirallyc Party presidential campaign rally in Bauchi, angry youths pelted petrified dignitaries in their flowing agbadas at the event with objects of various degrees of danger like hammer, stones, sachet water and slippers among other things.

The youths, whose source of grievances could range from dissatisfaction with government’s performance to the incessant violence in the North East region and alarming rate of unemployment, destroyed some of the canopies and plastic chairs at the venue.

The ‘supporters’, who had, before the arrival of President Goodluck Jonathan and his entourage, chanted solidarity songs for the President and the PDP and marched round the venue with their drums and placards with the President’s picture, became unruly during the programme and began pelting dignitaries on the stand.

Security operatives had a tough time dispersing the restless supporters, who had stormed the square in their numbers.

A similar incident occurred on Monday when Governor Isa Yuguda and other dignitaries were stoned at the PDP governorship campaign rally at the Darazo mini-stadium by angry youths displaying their grievance, displeasure and dissatisfaction at the government of the day.

Senator Bala Mohammed (FCT Minister), was pelted with bottled and sachet water while he was making his speech and pleading with the people of the state to vote for and support Jonathan and the PDP during next month’s general elections.

Other dignitaries, who were on the stand with him while he made his speech were not spared the barrage of missiles. Others ducked to avoid being hit by any of the flying objects.

The minister had to pause for some seconds to wipe off water from his face.

Mohammed called on the President and other dignitaries to ignore the ugly turn of events, alleging that it was the handiwork of the opposition.

“Fellow supporters of PDP, lets ignore what is happening. This is politics. It is the handwork of those who are bent on destroying politics in Nigeria,” he added.

When he shouted, “Nigeria”, the crowd shouted back “sai Buhari”, “sai Baba Buhari”, others chanted “Bama yi,” “Bama yi”, meaning we don’t support PDP.

All throughout the rally, which was very brief, youths chanted their support for the opposition APC presidential candidate, Maj. Gen Muhammad Buhari, saying “Nigeria, sai Buhari.”

Meanwhile a 25 year old man, Mr Kingsley Ughala, was shot dead while trying to share the money dashed out


to a group of youths by a politician after a campaign rally of the APC (All Progressives Congress) in Lagos State.

News has it that Kingsley had followed the APC to a rally as part of a rented crowd. On his return along with some other youths, they besieged the office of the APC governorship candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode for “settlements”. They were paid and trouble ensued in the course of sharing the money.

Mr Kingsley an indigene of Imo State, the son of a carpenter, third of six children and unemployed was shot to death in the scuffle that resulted from the inability to share money paid for “crowd rental services” by a politician.

When will our youths learn that these politicians care more for themselves than they do for the youths of the country? When will we learn to say pocket your money? When will we raise the pertinent question begging to be asked of the politicians: what have you done in the recent past and what will you do in the nearest future for Nigeria?


One thought on “Angry youths stone minister, others at Jonathan’s rally in Bauchi

    Oreoluwa Phillips said:
    January 23, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    One will expect that at this age and time, Nigerian youths will be learned enough to not follow politicians like bees swarming around a honey pot. It goes to show the degree of hunger that permeates our youth community. Imagine a 25 year old dying for change. Saddening!


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