Ever loved your country so much that you’re prepared to do a little thing at a time from your probably obscure location to move the country forward a little inch at a time?

These “little things” could range from stopping at pedestrian crossings to allow school children, the elderly and physically challenged persons cross the road, to returning a “lost-but-found” wallet even when it isn’t convenient, to sharing experience with a group of teenagers and youths in the community without pay and to living an exemplary life for the sake of the younger generations.Killer smile

My name is Prince Usen and I’m a patriot impacting my country Nigeria from my obscure location with my computer as the preferred tool of choice. I’m young, energetic, driven, focused … before i start sounding like the proverbial lizard nodding its head and congratulating itself for a job well done, I’ll take a pause and allow you get to me via the publications on my blog and my pages.

Feel free, take a free ride and get to meet Prince Usen the inspiring and motivating youth impacting the world positively.

Visit: https://princeusen.wordpress.com

Thank you.



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