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Dear friend,

Hear this: “if you’re too keen and focused on your local place of origin, you’ll get blindfolded to global opportunities”. That dropped in my spirit man some minutes ago.

Many people go about with this mentality of “I am a typical Ibibio man, blah, blah, blah”. Take a good look at their achievements in life. It is always centred locally.

There’s no wrong in being proud of your country and place of origin but there is everything wrong in allowing yourself think only locally. That’s what many Africans do!

The guys in Germany, China and Japan design and build cars for Nigerian roads while the guys in Nigeria can’t think of one solution to design and build for Americans, Asians, Europeans and the rest of the world.

Hear me well: until we start thinking global solutions, we won’t be able to have global relevance. If you’re contented with your local results, you can dismiss this post. If like me, you’re tired of being a local champ, then put on your thinking cap as we prayerfully ask God to open our eyes to see solutions that can impact the world positively.

Please don’t allow your mind tell you that the government isn’t helping or enabling the environment for global enterprise.

Think about this: what role has Nigerian government played in the growth and expansion of RCCG, Winners Chapel, JW, Facebook, Instagram, etc?

These institutions have grown to global relevance without ‘assistance from government’ as it were.

Do you think only about having customers or relevance in Surulere, Lagos? Don’t be surprised if your products and services fail to cross the Alaka Bridge. Are you focused only on selling to the big shots in VI, Lekki or Magodo? Don’t be shocked if nobody knows about you in Abuja, Dakar, Brussels, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Seoul, Honk Kong, etc.

As for me, I am rest assured according to the word of the Lord that foreigners would be my servants, they’ll work in my employment, and the nations of this world would be blessed by products that come from my factory”.

So don’t be shocked when the Queen of England orders for container loads of Usen’s Crayfish™ for whatever reason. Don’t be shocked when Crispée Chips™ becomes a White House snacks. It is just how it is meant to be. I can’t be riding their cars and they ain’t eating my food products.

It is simply a function of your intimate relationship with God plus (+) your renewed mindset minus (-) mediocre cultural/traditional beliefs. Creflo Dollar once said: “if you think right, you’ll live right.” Joseph Prince also puts it this way in his book, The Power of Right Believing, “if you can change what you believe, you can change your life.”

I agree with these guys; not just because they are successful persons, but also because they’re in tune with what’s written in the Bible: “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. If you want global relevance, then you’ve got to think and believe that you’ve got all it takes to have global relevance, and pursue it with every ounce of energy in you.

I hope I have rattled you enough to get you off your bum from a traditionally mediocre position to a globally relevant disposition. Get out of your comfort zone! Start thinking laterally! By that I mean think differently! Think outside the box. No. Think without a box. Yes. Think without limits!

Prince Usen