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I’m not a father myself but I’m definitely one in the making and one thing I pray for is that I turn out to be a “very good father”. What that is, is subject to debate, personal interpretation and personal definition. Trust me, I am not ready to moderate that sort of debate here.

What I am interested in at the moment is, what limits are there to the role of a father in the family. I ask because I am an intending father myself. Secondly I ask because the average twenty first century girl is a feminist and believes in equal everything – in and outside the house. I honestly do not have anything against feminism and feminist. I am just saying…

I guess what I am asking is this:

Guys will you do house chores, change diapers, carry babies on your back as seen in the picture below? Or will you restrict yourselves to the bread winning chore, the “bed-matics” and the car washing/maintenance activity?

Ladies will you want your husband to draw the line at certain activities in the house and set limits as to what he can do or can not do in the house? Or will you prefer he does everything to help you out in and outside the house whether the chore is a traditional masculine chore or a feminine one?

I have my opinion and I will share it on this platform…. Let me know what you think.











While you are ruminating on the appropriate answer to my question or the best way to express you candid opinion, feel free to view the following pictures of the world’s best father…


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I think the best gift any child can get is the gift of loving parents. Ones who are not too busy to have some rib-cracking fun with their children. For those of you who are parents, do not allow your day jobs affect you life time jobs. And for those of us who are parents in the making, put your right hand on your chest and make this pledge with me, ” I promise to be the best parent in the world to all my children to the best of abilities”. So help me God.